Day 26

I spent my first two weeks of GSoC (and the three weeks before it starts) trying to figure out how the Khipu’s code works but I didn’t get it. I was putting my effort trying to plot vectors but there were a enourmous structure of the code that I’d need understand before and it was unexpected for me. So, one of my menthors, Tomaz, suggested that I could change my project and try to refactor Khipu. So this last week I started a new interface, because the current interface is very simple and can be better.
I’m studying QML and already started the new interface, you can see below:

I’m in the end of my semester at college, so I need to split my time with GSoC and my college tasks, so now I’m going slowly but on the next month I have my vacation and I’ll have all of my time dedicated to it.
My menthors have helped me a lot so far, and I would like to say thanks for the patience, and say sorry for KDE for my initial project and for waste the first weeks on a thing that didn’t produce anything.


One thought on “Day 26

  1. The first weeks were not a waste if you learned something from looking at Khipu’s code, and you probably did? Try to enjoy the time you spend on GSoC and try to learn from it. Have fun and learn. You will have to worry about producing results when you get a job and work as a corporate slave. Hacking and coding free software is more about playful cleverness, learning and fun.

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