Day 58

Since the last update, I worked on the Khipu interface and created some models to manage the information on the screen. Actually, Khipu is looking like:

The interface is not finished and I’ll leave the design to the end, because there’s a lot to do in the back end now.
The remove button works, but the rename hasn’t yet been implemented.
I made a SpaceModel that manages the spaces, and a PlotModel that manages the information on the black retangle on the menu.
I started to link my code with Analitza, the KDE mathematical library, using their qml components such as Graph2D and Graph3D to show these interactive spaces and the Expression class holds the user input (a mathematical function such as “y = x**2”), and now I’m stuck trying to learn about the AnalitzaPlot library. I need to understand how it works to show functions on these spaces. I’m using KAlgebra Mobile, an another KDE mathematical software, as a reference for my code.


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