Lakademy 2019

In this post, I will relate my experience at Lakademy 2019. For who doesn’t know what it is, it’s the Latin American meeting of KDE community, it happens every year and this year it was hosted on Salvador – Bahia. It exists since 2012 and this year I had my first participation and my first […]


Day 92 – The last day

After the second coding period, I was in the begin of the backend development. I’ll list and explain what was made in this period. After GSoC, I’ll still work on Khipu to move it out from Beta soon, then, I’ll fix the bugs and try to implement the things that are missing and new features. […]

Day 88

Today, I’ll talk about my GSoC experience and won’t focus so much on Khipu, but in the next days I’ll publish a post about Khipu and what I’ve done. As I said in the old posts, the begin was the most complicated part for me. I made a project thinking that I’d be able to […]

Day 58

Since the last update, I worked on the Khipu interface and created some models to manage the information on the screen. Actually, Khipu is looking like: The interface is not finished and I’ll leave the design to the end, because there’s a lot to do in the back end now.The remove button works, but the […]

Day 26

I spent my first two weeks of GSoC (and the three weeks before it starts) trying to figure out how the Khipu’s code works but I didn’t get it. I was putting my effort trying to plot vectors but there were a enourmous structure of the code that I’d need understand before and it was […]

Day 1

Summer of Code has started, and I’ll try to document here my questions, problems and achievements.During the community bonding period, I talked with a lot of other participants, I knew people around the world, but I also studied how to do my first task, to implement vectors (2D and 3D), on Analitza and allow the […]