Day 58

Since the last update, I worked on the Khipu interface and created some models to manage the information on the screen. Actually, Khipu is looking like: The interface is not finished and I’ll leave the design to the end, because there’s a lot to do in the back end now.The remove button works, but the […]

Day 26

I spent my first two weeks of GSoC (and the three weeks before it starts) trying to figure out how the Khipu’s code works but I didn’t get it. I was putting my effort trying to plot vectors but there were a enourmous structure of the code that I’d need understand before and it was […]

Day 1

Summer of Code has started, and I’ll try to document here my questions, problems and achievements.During the community bonding period, I talked with a lot of other participants, I knew people around the world, but I also studied how to do my first task, to implement vectors (2D and 3D), on Analitza and allow the […]