Lakademy 2019

In this post, I will relate my experience at Lakademy 2019. For who doesn’t know what it is, it’s the Latin American meeting of KDE community, it happens every year and this year it was hosted on Salvador – Bahia. It exists since 2012 and this year I had my first participation and my first experience in person with KDE community.

I arrived on November 14th, in the middle of the afternoon. I didn’t know what to expect because it was my first experience, but I actually felt welcomed and comfortable. I spent the rest of this day with Caio (my GSoC mentor) trying to prepare the laptop to work, because I don’t have a laptop then they lent me one.

My purpose on Lakademy was to continue my GSoC work, what means: work on Khipu bugs and on what is missing. Then on the next day I actually focused on fix the search bug on Khipu. When I searched on the search bar to find the spaces by their names, it was returning the correct spaces, but if I edit any of these results, the change was happening on the wrong index. I was stuck on this bug for months, because I knew that I needed to use mapToSource to fix it, but I didn’t know how to use it. I spent the day thinking and thinking and in the end of the day I could solve the most of this problem.

On november 16th I continued my work on the search bar, because it was crashing in some situations, bugging in other situations, and I sent many commits because when I fix something, I was creating another bug and I was running around in circles but in the end of the day I could make this search bar work perfectly (as far as I noticed).

In the last day, november 17th, I tried to fix the bug when I edit the plots in the spaces, but I couldn’t fix it yet. I asked for help to Caio but we only noticed that some plots are having their values set as “invalid” when we add it, but I still don’t know how to deal with it. In the end of the day I took the flight back to Rio.

I actually enjoyed it, the people there were actually friendly, we had fun and this trip was really special to me because I’ve never been in an airplane before, it was my first flight and I’d like to say thanks to KDE for having this opportunity. I will continue working on my project and I hope to meet everybody again soon.

Posing with the banner

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